Before founding the firm, Frank Lynn worked in the 1960s on a Presidential Commission to develop new technologies. During his research, he noticed that many of the new products spawned from the study succeeded technically, but not commercially. Investigating further, he found a common cause: manufacturers did not understand how to go-to-market through distribution channels. A few years later, Frank turned this realization into the basis for a new consulting company, one with the expertise to help clients develop, implement and adapt successful channel strategies.

Due to its Midwest roots, Frank Lynn & Associates initially focused on industrial clients. However, in 1980, IBM called and said it needed help figuring out the right approach for launching the original IBM PC. After several intense months of research and planning, IBM followed our advice and created a network of dealers that by the end of 1982 were selling PCs at the rate of one a minute. Don Estridge, the IBM team leader, sent a letter to Frank with the handwritten comment, “we quite literally, could not have done it without you.”

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