Marketing Through Indirect Channels

A smart approach to channel strategy

Do you need to improve sales through channel partnerships? Understand which channels are the best fit for your products and end-customers? Build a channel program that attracts and motivates partners?

Marketing Through Indirect Channels (MTIC) is the first of two Frank Lynn & Associates workshops designed to help managers understand the elements of channel strategy. MTIC provides the basic conceptual framework underlying the use of indirect channels as a route to market. It begins with an understanding of how different end-customer segments choose and interact with resellers. This leads to an evaluation of the multiple types of indirect channels (such as wholesalers, distributors, value-added resellers/integrators, dealers, retailers, etc.). We then examine the capabilities and best fit of each of these channel types, including how channels impact manufacturer market share. The workshop also addresses the economic model of selling through indirect channels. Our companion workshop, Channel Strategy Design (CSD) introduces more advanced concepts leading to the development of customized channel strategies.

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed for anyone seeking an introduction to channel concepts and/or looking to build a channel strategy. Participants are typically managers, directors, and vice presidents in various marketing, sales, and planning functions.

What will I learn?
During this one-day workshop you will learn the key elements of a successful channel strategy. These include:

  • The outside-in approach–how customer buying behavior drives channel strategy
  • Customer segmentation–why different customers buy from different channels
  • Channel capabilities assessment–“window”, “mindshare”, and “growability”
  • Market coverage–definition and measurement
  • Channel economics–key factors in partner profitability
  • Conflict management–definition and diagnosis

This workshop is available for on-site presentations.