Create Your Sales Growth Plan for 2018 Two-Day Workshop




You have set your 2018 growth targets, but do you know the specific actions that you will take to deliver the results? Do you know how your indirect sales channels will contribute to your growth? Frank Lynn & Associates can help your team build the plans that define the actions that will deliver the results.
You are invited to join FL&A for a two-day public work session on January __ and __ to translate your company’s growth target to specific actions that deliver results through the company’s indirect sales channels. During the work session, members of your team will use two of FL&A’s proven frameworks, PPH® and CP&M™, to:
1. Define the actions required to increase sales and market share
through the company’s channel strategy:
  • Quantify the total market opportunity for the company’s products/services
  • Identify and quantify the gaps that limit the company’s market share
  • Define the actions that the company can take to increase its market share
  • Quantify the degree to which the actions will contribute to the company’s growth targets
  • Identify the internal stakeholders responsible for each action
  • Define the time required for the actions to deliver results
2. Identify the channel partners that are capable and willing to contribute to the company’s growth targets and define the actions     that the channel management team should take to enable them to perform
  • Systematically and objectively assess the performance capabilities of a sample of your company’s channel partners
  • Create a ‘growth bridge’ that quantifies how each channel partner will contribute to the company’s growth objective
  • Define the actions that the channel management team should take to enable the channel partners to perform independently and deliver the targeted results
This public work session is only $1,700 for each participant. FL&A will provide information to enable participants to effectively engage in this interactive work session in advance of it. This work session is facilitated  by two Principals of FL&A, Stephen Martin and Jim Fogarty. Together, Stephen and Jim have over 50 years of combined experience collaborating with clients across the globe to develop and refine channel strategies and management processes to increase sales and market share. Click here to find more information about Stephen and Jimand FL&A’s PPH® and CP&M™ frameworks.
If you would like to schedule an interactive, two-day, in-house work session for your team, then you are welcome to contact Jim Fogarty at to schedule a date that is convenient for it.


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