Channel Management and Channel Partnerlytics™ Approach

Frank Lynn & Associates collaborates with clients to design channel management processes that enable their teams to successfully implement and manage their channel strategies. This work addresses a wide range of topics including those highlighted below:

Channel ManagementChannel Management

Translate strategy into specific field activities with partners. These activities include territory analysis, partner recruiting, onboarding and ramp-up, performance management, etc.


Frank Lynn & Associates’ Channel Partnerlytics™ approach combines Partnerlyticsan analytical process with diagnostic/prescriptive tools. This enables management teams to consistently and objectively evaluate the performance potential of channel partners. Channel Partnerlytics™ also helps sales teams create growth and action plans to drive channel results, and manage partners on an ongoing basis.

Channel Partnerlytics™

A systematic Frank Lynn & Associates’ analytical process to evaluate partners and drive higher, more consistent channel performance.


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