Channel Strategy Consulting

Every company can use expert, objective advice to deal with their unique channel challenges. Frank Lynn & Associates undertakes custom consulting engagements to help clients develop winning channel strategies. Our work addresses the individual needs of each client, but covers many common channel strategy issues:

Market coverage – Employ the right mix of channels to cover target markets and key decision-makers

Principles and policies – Determine the appropriate coverage intensity, channel authorizations, exclusivity, etc. to optimize effectiveness and efficiency

Channel conflict management – Choose the best approach to maximize revenue while keeping partners focused

Attack/defend strategies – Select the appropriate strategies for a market leader, striver or disruptor

Acquisition consulting – Conduct due diligence pre-acquisition and smoothly merge channel programs afterwards

``Frank Lynn & Associates are the ‘go-to’ guys for channel strategy``

SVP, Channel Sales and Management at computer systems manufacturer

The Eight Core Elements of a High Performing Channel Strategy™

A framework that defines the critical characteristics of a high performing channel strategy and serves as a tool to assess the strength of one.

  Learn More About The Eight Core Elements of a High Performing Channel Strategy™

Market Life Cycle model

A FL&A framework that helps companies navigate the inevitable shift in customer segments and channel types.

  Learn More About Market Life Cycle

Product, Presence, Hit Rate (PPH)® model

A structured and disciplined FL&A-specific approach to identify incremental sales opportunities by quantifying market share.

Learn More About Product, Presence, Hit Rate (PPPH)® model


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