Market Insight and Research

Frank Lynn & Associates conducts detailed research on end customers, channels and competitors, as standalone projects and in support of its channel strategy consulting. We conduct research across a wide range of topics, but always focused on uncovering the “aha’s” buried in the marketplace.


Macro-economic environment – measurements of market size, growth rates, pricing trends, etc.

End-user landscape – analysis of segments, size, buying behavior and processes, decision-makers, sourcing preferences, etc.

Channel landscape – analysis of the number and type of channels, revenue in each, business model, customer targets, product mix, etc.

Competitive intelligence – determining market share, position, strengths, weaknesses by target market, etc.

Product fit – ascertain which customer segments will purchase which (new) products through which channels . . . and the reasons why

We have had several successful engagements with Frank Lynn & Associates. They managed projects with quick turnaround interviews to more complex ones where we needed to contact difficult-to-reach decision makers. Each time they have assembled a high-quality team that has consistently provided actionable deliverables.

Director, Market Research at a building supplies manufacturer

Market Mapping

A Frank Lynn & Associates-specific process that develops a detailed “map” of a market’s customer and channel structure, size, growth rates and behaviors.

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NuTech Screen

A Frank Lynn & Associates-developed model that uses a set of filters to determine product fit by customer segment.

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Listening to Customer

A structured research method that identifies customers’ buying processes and preferences/satisfaction with direct and indirect channels.

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